ALL IN THE DETAILS: Native in the Negatives

It is likely that few people enjoy going about their daily routine in sub-zero temperatures. Unless you’re a National Geographic documentarian capturing polar bears milling about the ice in the arctic, you’re probably not used to such polar temperatures. As a college student it’s hard to buy a myriad of stylish overcoats and leather boots to vary your style from day to day. Most of your budget goes toward surprise college expenses, and if you’re anything like me, your coffee addiction from a cute little cafe known as Starbucks. As the climate whips between seasons, it’s easy to throw on the same parka and boots to brave the cold.

In a sea of monotonous students making their way from class to class, this Fashionista stood out. With hues of brown, navy, white and a bright red, she cloaks herself in a tribal print scarf that contrasts wonderfully from her grey coat and the overall grey day. She continues the look by adding a pair of corduroy pants, which are great for adding texture to an outfit. Finally her petite taupe booties provide a feminine touch to tie the ensemble together.

Her simple look is a testament to the power one scarf can hold over an outfit. While it is difficult to come up with the audacity to buy not one but two peacoats from J.Crew when your mother clearly told you to spend your money wisely, it’s not hard to find a few brash pieces to liven up your winter wardrobe.

How To: Bold scarves are not difficult to find around this time of year. Find one that suits your taste and pair it with an outfit consisting of neutrals for a distinct look that will get you plenty of compliments.