ALL IN THE DETAILS: My Heart's in Budapest

March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Dressing for the cold weather is never fun unless you have some stylish warm weather attire for the occasion. The weather in Europe varies. In Florence it will often be warm but rainy. Meanwhile up north it will be much colder. This Fashionista visited Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg in Hungary and Austria for the weekend, and the weather was very cold. Although it was cold, the experience was spectacular.

Black is always in, particularly black leather and fur. During the winter, we all need to keep warm and fur is definitely the way to go. These small details are what complete the look, along with other small accessories. This Fashionista wore a fabulous black coat with fur on the interior and on the hood. The coat incorporated beautiful black leather details on the waist area and on the shoulders along with gold zipper details. On her weekend in Hungary and Austria, this Fashionista rocked her warm weather look with this coat, a light gray sweater, dark gray jeans and black booties with straps and a buckle. Her accessories included a black leather Tory Burch cross-body purse with gold chain details and black suede bootie shoes with a buckle. This Fashionista was fully prepared for the cold weather mainly because of her fabulous winter coat.

How To: Have you been longing for that chic winter look? Have you been waiting to find that perfect coat that doesn’t make you look like a giant marshmallow? A simple yet classy black coat with a fur hood is the perfect way to go. The small details make it even better. If you have a fabulous coat to show off to the world, than almost any accessory will satisfy and complete the look.