When the cold months of winter hit there are a few staple trends that come to mind: neutral colors, layers, the not-really-caring-what-I-wear-because-it’s-too-cold trend? Yep, sounds about right. I have noticed walking around my campus this week that mostly everyone has this last trend in mind. The temperatures are continuing to drop throughout the week, and one thing about Philadelphia is that it is continuously windy—not fun for multiple reasons. Though it was hard to spot those daring enough to keep the cuteness factor coming on days like this, I did spot this Fashionista right here.

What caught my eye about her look is the fluid way she tied a polka-dot skirt with a winter outfit. This particular skirt is flowing and is made with a light almost sheer fabric—probably one you’d think of wearing when it was more than 20 degrees out. But the layering of warmer pieces, like the scarf and the coat, marries the outfit together. The can’t-miss detail here is the polka-dots. Sometimes polka-dots can be a hard pattern to work with, and one that doesn’t flatter every type of Fashionista/o. This Fashionista took the print and allowed it to show, but not overpower the look.

The ankle boots touch the hem of the skirt at just the right length so the boots don’t look incompatible. The nude scarf adds a slight touch and pulls the outfit together. The overcoat finishes the look, which I love because stylish overcoats are one of my favorite winter garments. As a side detail, I also like the sophisticated feel of the glasses.

How To: Have a print that you’ve been dying to wear during winter? Pair it with layers and sizable winter components. The print can be the focal point of your look, just make sure it doesn’t repress the rest of your ensemble!