July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Style isn’t solely about what you wear, but how you wear it. Making a statement is all in the details of an outfit. For example, a plain white T-shirt can go preppy with a bright pair of shorts and suave sunglasses. On the other hand, that same white T-shirt can become part of a hipster ensemble with a rugged jean jacket and authentic pair of shoes. Even though preppy style is totally different than hipster fashion, the basics of each look are essentially one in the same. It’s the details that distinguish these two very different styles. So, what happens when preppy accessories mingle with hipster flare? Hello prepster.

Some girls think that Mr. Right doesn’t exist, but if fashion has a say in it, Mr. Right is actually very real and his look is all things prepster. This Fashionisto captured the nice guy-meets-rebel look of a prepster immaculately. However, it was his mint green shorts that initially caught my eye.

Colorful shorts are a casual way to make a big statement, and these shorts did just that. After all, there’s really no hue quite as fresh as mint.This Fashionisto’s mint shorts played an essential role in constituting his prepster style. His shorts were bright enough to exude preppy vibes yet masculine enough as not to clash with the hunky hipster flow.

Talk about doing it right, this Fashionisto rolled the sleeves of his jean jacket, which added a disheveled touch that was cleaned up with a classy pair of aviators. His H&M topsiders were traditional without being too mainstream, and made for an ideal prepster shoe choice.

How To: Channel your inner prepster just like this Fashionisto did! The key to achieving this look is to remember that it’s all in the details. Pair vibrant colors that are signature to preppy style with tousled modifications such as rolled sleeves or trendy shoes to instantly transform yourself into the perfect Mr. Right.