ALL IN THE DETAILS: More Than Meets the Eye

Someone wears all dark colors carrying a gold metallic bag. Do you stop and admire the outfit? It depends. Is the person wearing a basic dark-colored T-shirt with black pants or is it a Fashionista wearing an asymmetrical tank top, tights and cute sandals? Of course you would turn around if it was the Fashionista! That is what I did passing this Fashionista by on my walk to enjoy the sunny weather. What caught my eyes immediately was the flowing back side of her tank top. It reminded me of high-low dresses, which may not be on trend nowadays. However, the twist it gives to the tank top with long-line T-shirts of every kind coming out causes my heart to jump a little with innovative excitement. It’s not the newest idea, but it gives this Fashionista a subtle and elegant flare as she walks.

Not only does this show her style by choosing a cool tank top, but she chooses to keep it simple by wearing monochromatic tones in her outfit. It is a small detail, but an important one. Keeping it monochromatic allows her to give some of the spotlight to her gold bag with diamond studs and pure white sandals. The white and gold provides some contrast to her dark-colored outfit and gives it a boost.

The small details are what makes this outfit stand out and portray this Fashionista’s style.

How To: Imitating this outfit would be a great way to start off the coming fall semester. You don’t have to follow the dark-colored outfit with light accessories. It can be the exact opposite. Just choose a color that suits you. For you Fashionistas, a combination can be a white halter top, white high-waisted pants, a cheetah print handbag and cheetah print flats. For you Fashionistos, off-white pants and shirt with brown Jerusalem sandals would be a great combo. It doesn’t have to have something special as long as it has a subtle flare of your style.