ALL IN THE DETAILS: More Than Just Ball Games

We all know that the winter months bring cold weather and January is right in the middle of all that frigidness. Naturally, we want to bundle up and keep warm and many of us are more concerned with being warm than looking fashionable. However, it is more than possible to do both and a great way to add a stylish flair to any winter look is to throw on a hat. Hats are an incredibly versatile wardrobe piece and come in many different styles.

This Fashionista decided to top off her casual, yet stylish, winter look with an army green baseball cap with a bird decal on the front. It adds a perfect dimension to her outfit that already walks the line between feminine and military. Her soft turtleneck and acid-washed jeans say feminine while the silhouette gives a militaristic vibe. Topping it off with a faux fur trimmed military style jacket, her look really teeters between these two, typically clashing, styles. The baseball cap really brings this whole look together by tying these styles together. The army green color is offset by the feminine bird decal and really draws attention to itself by being a slightly more vibrant color than the rest of her outfit.

Overall, her outfit is perfect for the chilly days ahead. Her turtleneck combined with her warm jacket will help block out the cold. A hat can have the same effect. Plus, since no one really feels like getting up in the winter to go to classes, a hat like this is a great way to hide any greasy roots you may have.

How To: The key part of this look is the baseball cap. Although hers was DIY, any baseball cap will do. Paired with a muted turtleneck, any style of boyfriend jeans and a military style jacket, you’ll be on your way to looking stylish and feeling warm all winter long.