ALL IN THE DETAILS: Monochromatic Hues

The most popular trend I’ve been seeing and that I love lately is knee-high boots with a long sweater dress. This look is so comfy and stylish, you can dress it up in so many ways. Then again I don’t enjoy pairing the knee-high boots with a pair of jeans, I believe doing it with skirts and tights or sweater dresses are the only ways.

I love this look here, these boots aren’t exactly knee-high boots, but they are put together with knee high socks which actually complete the outfit. Since the outfit itself already has a huge sweater dress and patterned tights all they need is are knee high socks or a pair of leg warmers to almost give off an ’80s vibe. The outfit is also simple, but just has enough accessories to tie everything together. Sometimes being simplistic is the best way to go, you don’t know what to wear, so you can just throw on a big sweater with knee high boots but still look fabulous.

This type of outfit is the go to since it’s versatile, it can be put together in many ways, but also used for so many occasions. Such as going out with the girls, just going to class, or even if you work somewhere that would allow this type of style. New England weather can be tough to deal with especially in the winter, this type of outfit seems like it can also be warm enough to wear and layer with more cold weather accessories such as a fur vest or a cute jacket. This trend is minimalistic and monochromatic, using colors that blend in just to make it have that essential style.