ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mocha-hontas

We’re finally getting a taste of the fall weather down here in Texas! While it’s not icy cold just yet, it’s cool enough to pair your favorite dress with a trendy light jacket or coat. The great thing about fall is the many layers that can be put together to create the perfect look.

This Fashionista did just that when it came to taking her simple white T-shirt dress, a dash of denim and  a sprinkle of accessories to in turn create a bohemian-inspired look. Specifically focused on her great use of accessories, this Fashionista took her T-shirt dress and added a number of cute additions that really resonated with the boho look that she was going for.

The standout piece is, of course, the statement chandelier necklace paired with the red satchel necklace. These two items alone gave the outfit its first check-plus from me! The style of the necklace resembles that of a Native American piece of jewelry. Layered on top of the red tassel bag, the black and silver necklace pops against the white dress. Because the dress is white, it gives this Fashionista the opportunity to keep the focus of the outfit mostly on the necklaces. Whenever you’re wearing a statement necklace of that size, be sure to pair it with an outfit that doesn’t clash color-wise, and the neck line of the dress or top sits well right under the necklace.

Finishing off her look, she grabs a pair of platform sandals, an acid wash denim jacket and a black fedora to top it off. This is a very easy, quick and cute look for those chilly days on campus.

How To: When it comes to statement necklaces, don’t try to over do your outfit. People should be focusing on the necklace. Keep the outfit simple, and make a proclamation with what you have around your neck.