We all know those old school fashion rules that we were taught never to break. For example: 1. No white after Labor Day. 2. No mixing prints. 3. Bags and shoes should always match. Our mothers and grandmothers ingrained these rules into our heads and now despite the current trends that break these rules, we still want to follow them. One rule that I’ve always had trouble breaking? Mixing gold with silver jewelry.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately drawn to her jewelry. She keeps it simple with a dainty silver ring, gold tennis bracelet and trendy gold necklace. What I love about her jewelry combination is that her jewelry isn’t so matchy-matchy. The way that she mixes her metals works well because the pieces she wears aren’t too overpowering. The jewelry itself is pretty understated, so the metals become almost a neutral. This Fashionista inspired me to consider wearing my own jewelry in different combinations. There are so many different ways to mix up metals and it’s surprisingly easy to do. Think simple. Here is a great small silver ring, beautiful gold bracelet and understated necklace.

How To: Have a piece of jewelry you never wear because you aren’t sure what to wear it with? Don’t be afraid to play around with mixing metals and new combinations of jewelry. Start with a simple ring. Then, add a small bracelet in a different metal. Finally, add a long but understated necklace. Play around with it and have fun! Experimenting with different metals can totally change your look this season.