ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixing Metallics

I spotted this cute Fashionista in my dorm lobby about to head off to a nice lunch with her parents. Despite the fairly dismal weather outside, the unique metallic details of her outfit quickly caught my eye. Everyone has their different preferences when it comes to accessorizing, especially concerning the type of metallics they incorporate. In fact, I grew up thinking it was taboo to mix your silver chain necklace with gold stud earrings. However, trends come and go and I think this spring will be a season full of fun metallic pairings.

This particular Fashionista does a very effective job of mixing metallics in her outfit, while still keeping her look very polished and classy. Metallic stud detailing turns her simple sweater into a statement piece. Through her choice in accessories, she continues to mix metals with her rose gold jeweled necklace and two-toned watch. A pair of dark wash jeans and nude flats brings the outfit together, while still keeping the focus on her sweater and accessories. She kept her makeup simple and natural, which was perfect for her look. The snowflakes in her hair were an unplanned accessory, but that’s what you get living in Ohio. But a very special thanks to this Fashionista for modeling for me in the freezing temperatures of the arctic tundra here on campus.

How To: Mixing metals is all about having fun with contrast, without creating too much of a clash. To create a simple chic look like this Fashionista all you need are: a variety of clean metallic accessories, a uniquely detailed top, some basic pieces to pair them with and someplace to go show off to your lovely ensemble!