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I was always taught that mixing too many colors can make your look seem cluttered. I was also told that wearing black and brown simultaneously is a big no-no. Sometimes, there’s no fun in following the rules, now is there?

Like any other element of putting a look together, it’s all about balance, such as the blend of colors worn by this Fashionista. She effortlessly displays how to mix colors without making them clash. The vibrant pops of color come from her burgundy cardigan and floral scarf. Meanwhile, she keeps the rest of the tones pretty neutral. Her denim shirt perfectly offsets the cardigan and scarf. The Fashionista also wisely chose to match the color of her purse and leggings. While color coordination shouldn’t be the main focus of an outfit, utilizing it to bring a look together is certainly important.

While pairing light brown boots and black leggings in other circumstances may result in a clashing look, here it seems effortlessly cool. As for jewelry, this Fashionista chose to add a few unique rings to really give the look some personality.

How To: Tired of focusing on coordination and interested in mixing different colors? Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Neutral leggings and button-ups are the perfect foundation. Then, try a unique color for a cardigan or jacket color. Solid colored leggings also help to bring the look together. While you don’t have to go the route of pairing them with a set of different color boots, it certainly is fun to give it a try!