ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixed Elements

Knowing which accessory, pattern or print is currently on-trend can seem near impossible at times. Even as a Style Guru, it can be difficult to gain familiarity with the seemingly endless list of looks that are considered stylish. For example, the ensembles designed recently by Dior showcasing the versatility of jumpsuits or the bohemian look designed by Alberta Ferretti are two completely different looks. Both are featured on the most fashion-forward runways and created by designers that each uniquely understand the fashion industry. The point is keeping up with the ever-changing trends is a task not designated for the light-hearted. Yet since summer is finally in full-swing there are a few pieces that are a must-have this season. One of which is the delicate body chain, which dresses up a previously casual outfit with a new dimension.

This Fashionista successfully includes a silver body chain that immediately gives her summer outfit an edgy addition. It is especially important to keep your outfit as simple as possible, just like this stylish Fashionista does when spicing up your outfit with layered jewelry. The simple crop top paired with a tribal patterned skirt is the perfect way to structure an outfit around the a glamorous accent of bling. The body chain not only gives this outfit a touch of bohemian inspiration, it also draws attention to the lace embellishment of the crop top.

There are many different body chain styles to choose from. This Fashionista features a light silver chain that crosses in the middle and uses another layered necklace for a combined short and long contrast. Other body chains have charms, beads and gems. Whichever style you prefer, always remember to take a minimalist approach when creating your outfit!

How To: Wondering how to incorporate a body chain to sprinkle a little sparkle to your look? A lace crop top and a patterned skater skirt is the perfect combination to add a simple body chain with a short layered necklace. You can even add a cute lace sweater that still allows the body chain to be the focus of your outfit!