We all know that the perfect accessory can take our outfit to the next level. A trendy bag or a sexy shoe can transform garments into a fabulous ensemble, and give it a completely different vibe. Jewelry can also be an essential accessory for an outfit. It can complement your outfit and attract others to it!

This Fashionista’s eclectic collection of jewelry caught my eye. Her silver cuff bracelet is a bold statement piece, worn alone on one hand. On the other, this Fashionista accessorized with an assortment of thinly beaded, string and silver bracelets. Rings adorned her fingers, making them shine. A dramatic necklace rested across a neutral tank top, demanding attention. Her earrings, however, stole the show.

This Fashionista wore two different types of earrings in the same hole on either ear, which is a unique, trending feature. Though used to accessorize a cardigan, midi skirt and tank top, it seems as though the garments are accessorizing the mix and matched pieces! In her left lobe dangles an earring made with animal bone. In the other ear, a clear, round earring is worn. These earrings each have different stories but come together to tell one, adding a bohemian flair to the neutral pieces around it.

How To: The trend of mix and matched earrings are popping up at different retail stores, but you can also search for two pieces to wear together! It is important to use two earrings that complement one another, so choose your earrings according to a theme. If you find two separate pieces that match the look that you want to achieve, they will look great together!