ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mix And Match To The Max

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mix And Match To The Max

I mentioned in my last article that this crazy cold season is the time when the majority of us can get into a style rut. The best way we can get the most out of our wardrobe is through mixing and matching pieces that we wouldn’t traditionally put together. This Fashionista had the right idea when it came to putting her outfit together. She was able to take pieces and layer them to create a fresh, cute but still warm ensemble.

The base of her outfit, the denim chambray shirt, provided an effortless backdrop for her bolder pieces. A chambray shirt is a college girl must-have. The possibilities are literally endless, and there are a million and one ways it can be styled for any season or occasion.

Her gray tribal print cardigan layered over her basic denim shirt allowed this Fashionista to show off her personal style and add an additional layer for warmth. The pops of red in the cardigan gave a much needed burst of color on this gloomy day. When layering tops and sweaters, it’s important to always cuff the sleeves of the piece underneath to tie the whole outfit together, which is exactly what this Fashionista did.

She took a brave fashion risk by mixing patterns with her tribal print cardigan and bicycle patterned scarf, and it totally paid off! Some may find pattern mixing to be too intimidating, but if it is done the right way, as shown here, it really allows you to make your style look that much more unique. Finding a balance between loud and more subtle patterns, as well as ones of different shapes and sizes, is how we can all achieve a look just like this one.

She stacked some beaded bracelets along side a bracelet and watch that she wears every day, again showing off her personal style and remaining unique. Being able to incorporate unique jewelry with basic everyday accessories is not always easy to do but looks great if it’s not done in a tacky way.

She finishes off the look with two other college girl staples: basic black leggings and basic black riding boots. Both gave a simple touch and did not take away from what was going on with the rest of the outfit.

How To: Feeling bored with your basic denim shirt? Layer, layer, layer! Button it up and layer a Peter Pan collar top underneath—tie it at the natural waist over a dress, or wear it under a cardigan, as featured in this article!