ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mirror, Mirror

July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

When it comes to summer wardrobes, the lighter and easier to wear is more of a go-to for the hot weather. It can be difficult at times figuring out what to wear on a day to day basis when the weather is saying it’s 95 degrees and your brain is saying “look cute, don’t sweat.” One of the major wardrobe accessories that can make any outfit stylish are sunglasses. When people think summer, they think three things: sunglasses, bathing suits and shorts. So, how do you bring all of these elements together for a perfect summer outfit, you ask?

This Fashionista is sporting the perfect summer outfit for when the weather is hot and you want to stay as cool as possible. The crop top and denim are a great combination for the summer, but the real focus are the accessories. Her mirrored aviators are great for the summer rays and can go with any outfit. These sunglasses are great for a Fashionista/o on a budget because they are on-trend and versatile.

This Fashionista has also included a long necklace and gladiator sandals to her outfit. Necklaces make wearing a T-shirt and jeans look fashionable because depending on the necklace, it can create a different look than with the T-shirt by itself. Last but not least, the gladiator sandals can do no wrong. These sandals can be added to any outfit and create such a cool effect.

How To: Ever want to wear mirrored sunglasses but never sure what type to get? Well, it is important to find the type of glasses that fit your face shape. When it comes to the shade of mirror, that is up to you! Gold, silver, blue and more, they will all be sure to make your outfits pop and help you survive the summer sun!