September 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

Accessories can make or break an outfit. When the fall season is in full bloom, elegant texture and pizazz come to life. I love a good dainty handbag that sweetens up an outfit that is pre-fall appropriate to get us excited for the actual fall season. Luckily, my Fashionista this week brings some serious inspiration for pre-fall dress up.

She wears an intricate lace blouse with geometric patterns and scallop cutouts. This lace top is paired with a dramatic fringe skirt that screams fall pizazz. The navy suede fabric gives a sweet boho elegance. The fringe cutouts are layered over an actual mini skirt to give that texturized feel. The Fashionista glams it up with a pop of lilac pink in her heeled sandals. The accessory that really catches eyes is her dainty fur bag. The gold chain attached to the white fur complements her gold pearl statement ring.  The bag itself is a beautiful piece to elevate her outfit and the pearl ring is the icing on top.

Pre-fall pieces and trends get me excited for the weather to slowly cool down. Although summer was just a few weeks ago, the fall fashion always pushes us to look forward. The outerwear and the accessory department are what I will splurge on this season. This Fashionista really holds a unique elegant style that really captured what pre-fall is about. Her fur handbag is a hunt down!

How To: Accessorize your statement handbag with a muted color palette and cool textures like fringe and lace.