ALL IN THE DETAILS: Micro Backpacks and Sunset Sunnies

March 9th, 2016 at 2:10am

Staying fashion-forward while on campus can be difficult when you have to lug around a huge backpack. Making it from class to class without carrying your textbooks and notebooks is also not an option. So how can you keep your title of best dressed and brainiac?

This Fashionista has put in a compelling vote for the micro backpack.

A micro backpack is just like it sounds: a shrunken down version of an elementary school bag. They are normally lightweight and they can make traveling across campus a breeze. Micro backpacks even come in a variety of styles and sizes that they can cater to your particular needs.

I love the way this Fashionista is keeping her look cool with the help of her micro backpack causally slung over her shoulder. This bag is great because not only is it neutral with its shades of black and brown, but the snap closure at the  top makes it easy for the Fashionista to access all of her school essentials. Maintaining her laid back look, she goes classically grunge. Her anchored embroidered striped T-shirt tucks effortlessly in to her vintage cutoff Levi Brand denim shorts. Her oversized cardigan frames her whole look, making it the perfect backdrop to show off her micro backpack.

This Fashionista caps off her outfit with her with her favorite pair of white high -top Converse sneakers. And of course, we can’t forget about keeping our eyes protected from the winter sun, so this Fashionista is wearing clear framed sunglasses with hyper-reflective orange and pink lenses.

If you are thinking that you totally need a micro backpack right now, here’s a quick tip: always check the straps. If you know your school supplies are on the heavier side, don’t opt for a thin strap. There is nothing worse than a strap breaking on your way to a study session or a lecture course. Opt for something like this that has a wider strap for better support but still the same micro convenience.

Let’s just say with this new addition to your wardrobe, you are about to change your campus style game tenfold.

How To: To recreate this look, all you need is to find your perfect mini backpack and then style it with your favorite school outfit. Feel free to dress the look up by switching this Fashionista’s shirt and shorts with a nice dress or follow her style and keep the look relaxed. The great thing about accessories is that they have the ability to marry well with any look.