February 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

It’s always a pleasant surprise when the December sun decides to show its face in the middle of winter, and when it does, out come the cute outfits. This Fashionista ditched her coat for the day and decided to show off some of her favorite gold metallic jewelry and a lacy bralette that would’ve usually been hidden under the layers. If the sun is shining, why shouldn’t you be too?

This Fashionista’s chunky gold watch was the first thing that caught my eye. Watches are such a chic accessory and are the perfect way to balance out other jewelry you want to wear. The bold watch contrasted by her delicate gold bracelet balances everything out. As a final touch she added in a simple gold necklace. Even though she’s wearing three different accessories, their varying characteristics make them all work together without being overwhelming.

As for her outfit, her nude lace bralette is the perfect undergarment for those long sleeve days when you still want to show a little skin. Bralettes are not only super comfortable, but they add a little sass to any backless top without revealing too much. As if the back of the outfit isn’t already fun and flirty, the top she chose has “I love you” embroidered into the back in an eye-catching red. Since she chose a detailed top, she kept the rest of the look simple and paired it with dark wash denim jeans and brown leather booties.

Make the most out of the rare sunny days this season and add a little sparkle to your looks!