ALL IN THE DETAILS: Men's Accessories

This week’s outfit has all the details to a stylish, masculine outfit. The Fashionisto pictured above is rocking a super casual and detailed outfit. It is perfect for this summer weather and can be worn in the daytime or the nighttime.

His T-shirt is the first thing I want to point out. Down the middle of the back of the T-shirt there is an inverted seam. The company is Public School based in New York and you can find the same shirt here. This inverted seam on the back really adds a cool style and detail to a shirt. The necklace he has on is very trendy and masculine. It is a pocket blade turned into a necklace. It even opens up! It is made by the brand Cartography, and you can buy this cool accessory here. His outfit fully comes together with even more accessories like his bracelet and sunglasses. The bracelet is masculine and stylish. It adds color to his outfit and features a skull which shows off his manly side.

This Fashionisto’s jeans are by the brand Naked and Famous, and they create a stylish and comfortable look with a dark blue wash. I would have to say his sunglasses tie the outfit together perfectly. The sunglasses are really stylish and make him look cool and casual in this summer heat. The brand of the sunglasses is Ahlem, and it is said the designer studied the face in order to design them for a universally perfect fit. After the Fashionisto told me this I had to try them on. They were actually very cute! These perfect-for-summer sunglasses can be found here. The details of this outfit make it perfect for any guy to wear from the day into the night with all of its cool and on point accessories.

How To: This look can be easily attained by adding some accessories to jeans and a T-shirt. Pairing up with sunglasses, some type of jewelery like a bracelet, necklace or both and be confident!