ALL IN THE DETAILS: Men's Accessories

If you haven’t already noticed in my previous blogs, I am in love with minimalist style. Minimalism is all about toning down your wardrobe and making statements through structure. It’s probably the one of my biggest style influences, but with the personality of Bianca Jagger. I just adore the mix of aesthetically pleasing pieces and muted color palettes. It can make any look turn classy.

This Fashionisto exhibited a comfy, classy look. What I love about this outfit is that it’s quite simple at first glance, but once you take closer look at the details, it’s FIRE. (Like my mixtape). It was oozing swag and exerted a fine appreciation for good, quality clothing.

The base of his outfit was a longline T-shirt and jogger pants. Just the cut and design of these two are already steps above the typical pocket T-shirt and pants. But then he added on a matte black Vitaly necklace, a Larsson and Jennings classic Läder black watch and a black Civil Clothing snapback. First, Vitaly has been one of the men’s street jewelry brands to watch lately. You can see it on bloggers and celebrities alike. Just that necklace retails for 50 dollars. But that is actually one of the lesser expensive accessories in his outfit. Larsson and Jennings is one of the most underrated Swiss-made watches out there. The quality of the watch is phenomenal with a beautiful dedication to minimal design. The Läder consists of a black Italian leather strap and classic British dress watch aesthetic. Not surprisingly, this accessory retails for about 400 dollars. (I am actually extremely jealous of this piece. I’ve had my eye on the Läder red for over a year now.) Disagree with me if you will, but of these three accessories, I honestly think the least expensive one—his snapback—was the only thing that may have been a bit too much. Minimalist accessories are just a lot more refined.

And to top it all off, he put on some Nike Oreo Flyknit Racers. If you don’t already know what Flyknits are, then I have to assume you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years. I believe they are the best type of shoe to pair with your joggers. This outfit could not have been more on point.

How To: Interested in trying out a more minimalist look like this? Well, here is where you learn how to really invest in your clothing. Think quality over quantity. Good material may not be as cheap as those $5 basics from H&M, but they will last a longer period of time and match a larger variety of clothing. Think about the pieces of clothing that are most essential to you and then get to know the brands that give you the perfect fit and feel. You don’t need any loud colors because you are aiming for something you can easily put on at a moment’s notice. The noise will come from the structure of your pieces. Now, invest in that clothing.