ALL IN THE DETAILS: Melange of Marble

Mixing patterns is an art form that has been analyzed and boiled down to a science over many years. It has been experimented with and mastered to the point where it is not as earth shattering as it once was. We have seen every combination imaginable on the runways and streets from leopard with plaid to floral with stripes. Polka-dots paired with gingham no longer make us flinch, and we don’t so much as blink at the sight of chevron with paisley. What once was determined to be a skill only the most style-savvy could don can now be recreated by the most amateur of Fashionistas/os.

So what is the key to keeping this trend fresh and exciting? This Fashionisto has the answer.

The secret to keeping print-mixing new and up-and-coming is to choose patterns that are currently trending. For example, rather than sticking to the traditional florals or polka-dots, try mixing marble print, which can be spotted (pun intended) all across iPhone cases, accessories, furniture and clothing nowadays. H&M took a particular fancy to this trend when it whipped up this smashing pair of pants seen on our Fashionisto. Also, for the brave of heart, carrying on the pattern playing from your legs all the way up to your head will keep your look sharp and modern as well.

After selecting the trend our Fashionisto wanted to model, he began to build the rest of his outfit around it. To complement the pants, he selected a simple white T-shirt with a design that mimics their wavelike print. He then sliced razor-sharp stripes along the side of his head to continue his array of patterns. To frame his mélange of marble and stripes, he suited up in a structured forest green jacket from American Eagle Outfitters. Finally, the cherry on top of the cake: the shoes. This Fashionisto chose these Ralph Lauren boots in a terrain brown to carry out the earthy vibes resonating from his ensemble on top to finish it all off.

How To: To imitate this look, select a print from your favorite runway show or fashion blog and don it on a skirt or pair of pants. Then, add a shirt with similar movement and texture printed on it. Remember to keep at least one of these patterns in an achromatic or neutral color palette so they won’t butt heads with each other. If you’re really feeling daring, throw in a third print! Put it somewhere unexpected like your hair or jewelry. Make sure it isn’t too overpowering though; you want to create a harmonious composition not an unsightly eyesore. Finally, keep these prints contained by boxing them in with a solid hued jacket and shoes in the same color family.