The average college student has 1500 things going through their mind at once. Too often we juggle tasks and have several things going on. We are stacked so high with textbooks and obligations that staying fashionable throughout the school year can sometimes fall to the bottom of our long to-do lists simply because something has to give! Those dreaded days when fashion falls flat we can’t help but feel the way we look. It is crazy how what you wear can affect how you feel or even how your day goes. I guess that old saying “dress to impress” is just as much about impressing others as it is about impressing yourself. Feeling good about yourself can be that extra push you need to ace your exams or land the job you want. So how can you move fashion to the top of your to-do list when you’re drowning in school work? A maxi dress, that’s how! It’s nearly a whole outfit in one: just add shoes and you’re ready to run!

This busy Fashionista told me her casual maxi dress has become one of her go to items simply because it’s easy to wear and super comfy. The great thing about a maxi dress is it’s cute enough to be worn alone and versatile enough to be dressed up with accessories. Filling your wardrobe with simple pieces like these will make getting ready for your busy day so much easier. Just toss on a cotton maxi, cross looking cute off your to-do list and move on to writing that six page paper. The best part is these dresses come in many colors, materials and patterns which will make filling your wardrobe with fast options super-duper easy!

How To: You can simply rock it all by itself or if you have a few extra morning minutes try pairing it with some of your favorite accessories. This Fashionista chose to pair hers with a denim vest and black accessories making for the perfect school outfit that only took a couple minutes to throw on.