Sometimes, a single article is all you need for a complete look. Whether you’re getting dressed for a Sunday stroll by the water or a post-work evening out with friends, one not-so-simple piece can make for the perfect outfit. When it’s super humid out, as it tends to get here on the North Shore of Long Island, your best bet is to go for a basic tank top and shorts. However, why keep it simple? Swap your denim cut-offs for something a little more unconventional, and you’ve got yourself a blog-worthy ensemble.

This Fashionista totally agreed it was time to trade in those Hollister shorts for a loose, maxi skirt. Sleek and bright and oh so comfortable, its hard to believe she was just on a quick coffee run and not an extravagant day on the town. Maxi skirts are easy and airy and usually made to be light enough for an 80 degree day, so it’s the perfect addition to any girls’ summer wardrobe. You can make like this Fashionista and rock the bohemian-inspired prints; however, there are so many other variations of the trend. You can opt for a solid or even a fun texture, like crochet! A maxi skirt has the power to bring all attention to the piece, no matter what it looks like. If you’re looking for a real statement piece, look no further than an extra long skirt.

This Fashionista complements her unconventional bottoms with a simple ribbed tank top and summer sandals. She accessorizes with a cross-body, slouchy leather bag and Clubmaster shades.

How To: Having trouble finding the perfect occasion to break out your very own maxi? Who needs a reason! Wear your threads with pride whether it be to shop, lunch or to the beach. Pair it with a simple top, or get edgy with a graphic T-shirt. The sky (or, well the ground) is your limit!