ALL IN THE DETAILS: Materialistic

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Materialistic

This fall, the sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching materials. This Fashionisto’s look incorporates a mix of materials ranging from metals to knits, to denim to leather.

When the seasons start to change and the temperature drops, sweaters become a necessity. Going with a classic, heavy knit sweater like the one featured on this Fashionisto will keep you warm all day long. This Fashionisto’s sweater looks great in this season’s most popular pink shade called dusty cedar. Try tying a lightweight denim shirt around your waist like this Fashionisto. This will provide dimension to your look without weighing down your outfit.

To contrast a colorful sweater, try pairing it with dark, ripped, skinny jeans. These jeans will give any outfit an edgy vibe. To add even more dimension to your look, chose a pair of leather oxfords. This Fashionisto’s oxfords are in this season’s most popular color of brown called potter’s clay. Oxfords are great because they can be worn so many different ways. This Fashionisto proves that oxfords can easily be taken from office wear to street style.

To finish off your look, do not forget to accessorize. A linked white gold necklace matches perfectly with a heavy knit sweater. It is a simple piece that can go a long way and can be worn with any outfit. To dress up the outfit, go with an oversized watch in gunmetal. This classic piece will add the final touch to any outfit.

This Fashionisto combined edgy materials, like ripped denim, with classic pieces, like oxfords, to create one completed look. It shows that he is not afraid to fuse different styles together to create his own. He proved that details can take your look a long way.