The population on campus has been thinning lately as students finish up with their summer courses and head back home. The day that I spontaneously took a morning stroll after brunch was, fortunately, the day I ran into this Fashionista. I spotted her all the way on the other side of the field and made an applaudable decision. I ran after her. After a few minutes and the realization that getting back into shape was utterly urgent, I caught up to her. A first closer look of her outfit drew attention to how incredibly classically summery it was; a second and a third look, however, disclosed how much thought she gave to the minor details in putting together such a harmonious look.

This Fashionista chose a gorgeous rosy pink as her color scheme of the day. Her tank top was embellished with crochet detailing all around the neckline. It was paired with a classic pair of light wash shorts. The rosy pink of the tank top was matched perfectly with her tote bag, which was a very minimalist rectangular shape to balance out the bright colour. She finished off the look with a pair of super simple, yet elegant-looking sandals that she scored from Wal-Mart. The rosy pink on her toes is yet another demonstration of the Fashionista’s attention to detail. She even chose her accessory, an oversized, gold watch, to echo the gold accent on her sandals. I just couldn’t help but scream: Everything matched!

How To: Begin with a very basic and minimalistic look. Choose a particular color or pattern as the theme of your outfit and match accessories. Remember, no detail should be disregarded.