ALL IN THE DETAILS: Matching Maroon

School has officially begun and the days are slowly becoming shorter and cooler. While saying goodbye to summer is a task no one ever wants to do, this also means we get to say hello to fall fashion. The ensemble this Fashionista is wearing portrays both of these changes. Keeping it simple makes it a perfect transition outfit for any day. You can never go wrong with simple colors and accessories and that is exactly what this Fashionista is doing. The basic white tank top fits perfectly tucked into light wash denim miniskirt.

The key to this outfit is the details! If you are ever weary about what accessories to choose: less is more. The cool black choker is sleek and adds some edginess, while the cute turtle necklace brings out a touch of playfulness. Pairing the necklaces with a silver watch and plain diamond stud earrings brings all the accessories to perfect harmony. My favorite pieces also happen to be the focus to this outfit. Nothing works better together than sneakers and baseball hats, so why not match the colors perfectly? The matching maroon baseball cap and sneakers instantly adds life to the ensemble while pulling it all together effortlessly.

It Is always best to start simple so it is easy to add pieces on later. Just as this Fashionista did, a light wash denim on the bottom can be paired with basically anything but you can never go wrong with neutrals. If you’re looking for that special pop of color do not hesitate to color match a hat with your shoes: it is a great way to easily add personality to any outfit.