ALL IN THE DETAILS: Making A Statement

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Making A Statement

It’s a bit cold here in our little town. This means everyone is sticking to their trusty old sweatshirts and bundling up with winter accessories. However, what many students don’t realize is that you can still look really polished even in the cold months. All it takes is mixing winter essentials with a little statement necklace. They are the perfect accessories for all types of occasions, even class. These chunky necklaces glam up any outfit as simple as a pair of blue jeans with a sweater. The best part is that there are so many to choose from because they vary in styles and color.

This jewelry trend has been featured in famous runways, and talked about in magazines. Many celebrities are seen incorporating this trend in their outfits, from Beyoncé with her chunky piece, by designer Erickson Beamon to Vanessa Hudgens with her take on the necklace that she donned in Coachella.

Statement necklaces can be incorporated in any styles and wardrobe. This Fashionista is using it to jazz up her casual outfit, which is one of the best ways to wear a statement necklace. Although, her outfit is laid back, it looks like she took the time to prepare her outfit, while being warm at the same time. She uses a statement necklace as the centerpiece of her outfit, which definitely pulls her ensemble together. Not only that, she looks so comfortable because she’s wearing flats, which is a statement by itself. She finishes her look with leopard painted nails and cute cocktail rings. I’m obsessed with how she paired her olive green pants with a gray T-shirt and threw on a jean jacket. Olive green pants are really hard to style, but this Fashionista did a great job.

How To: Pair a statement necklace with a white T-shirtboyfriend jeans and oxfords for a cool look. For colder weather, throw on a knit cardigan and a beanie to stay warm.