ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make An Understatement

After a questionable spring that included actual freezing weather, summer has made its entrance in the Midwest. Much anticipated trips to the proverbial ‘up north’ and the farmer’s market now being in full swing almost make up for the ridiculous levels of humidity we all seem to forget about every winter. Coming off of a six month winter, it’s finally time to look good while feeling naked.

Take a classic beauty like this Fashionista who simply threw on her staple maxi dress and created an easy, breezy, humidity-proof outfit. Perfect, you could call it a day. And with the current  rise of the minimalistic aesthetic and inevitable sweating, I give to you the elegant outfit-finisher, the asymmetrical rigid collar necklace. A reversed take on the classic statement necklace, it similarly remains capable of changing and improving the dynamic of the whole outfit while its light weight helps to keep you cool.

Even though it may be a little confusing to put on the first time around, this simple piece illustrates the lines of the wearer’s neck and is an especially effective and fashion-forward solution for anything this Fashionista might have to accomplish that day, from work to a leisurely afternoon bike ride on her vintage Schwinn.

A statement for either the fashion rebel or the fashionably conservative, you’re sure to stay cool and be even cooler with this trendy piece.

How To: Pair this accessory with simple signature gold jewelry, a monogrammed Madewell tote bag and a staple jean jacket to create an effortlessly elegant look for any summer situation.