ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make A Statement

“Dress to impress” is a classic and common motto that holds a great deal of truth—because when was the last time you had a successful job interview wearing sweatpants and a hoodie? Whether it involves experiencing your first job interview or even meeting your potential sisters during rush week, keep in mind that first impressions can either make or break you. So before you step out your front door, take a final glance in the mirror to ensure you’ve put together all the puzzle pieces for the perfect outfit.

Sometimes the solution to a missing puzzle piece is as simple as adding a bold accessory. This technique is an easy way to embellish a bland outfit into something more memorable. Bracelets, watches, earrings and headbands are only a handful of the optional add-ons that will make your ensemble stand out of the crowd.

However, my favorite outfit detail is a statement necklace, in which the name speaks for itself. Statement necklaces are nothing less of big, bold and striking. This Fashionista perfectly incorporated a statement necklace into her preppy attire. The button-down shirt gave off a different effect on the necklace as it is tucked underneath the collar and peaks at the chest. Additionally, the contrast between the striped shirt and the flashy necklace makes a suitable combination since it balances out her navy J.Crew shorts and suede loafers.

How To: Statement necklaces will often clash with other prominent accessories, so if you are planning on adding additional jewelry, make sure it doesn’t distract the focus from the necklace. Aside from that, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and integrate a statement necklace into an outfit that you normally wouldn’t!