ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make A Statement

June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Chunky necklaces have been sweeping the jewelry nation. When referring to a woman’s outfit, she does not typically like to hear the word “chunky,” but these baubles are creating a line out the door.  With styles and colors available for every season, it is easy to get hooked! These timeless pieces can add that extra spice every girl needs.

With the world of fashion forever changing, one thing is for certain, every girl loves her diamonds, and this statement necklace has the perfect few.This Fashionista paired her necklace from Target, with a simple black, Brandy Melville T-shirt dress. One of the biggest fads in the fashion industry right now is tying T-shirts, seen here. Moving down to her classic blue jeans, a pair of PacSun denim tops off this ensemble. Adding to the gold zippers on the booties, the gold chain ties the whole look together. When heading out at night, it’s easy to change the look in to something more appropriate with a pair of your favorite heels!

No need to wait for a bonus check to get a hold of one of these beauties! Hefty price tags are not rare in the retail business, but these necklaces can come extremely affordable! From Forever 21 to Francesca’s, they can be found at almost every clothing store.

How To: Pick up your favorite one; if it’s gold and plastered with hundreds of gems or sterling silver and simple, these gems will go with any day-to-day, or night out look. It’s easy to pair them with a white T-shirt and ripped jeans, or a blazer and skater skirt. The options are endless, and stylish too!