Plaid, plaid and more plaid, please. This is one thing Fashionistas/os can never seem to get enough of! Whether it be a classic flannel, a cool skirt or a jacket, this funky pattern seems to appear all over campus regardless of the season. This look is so popular because it’s easy to dress up or down, adds a nice pop of color and even works as a great accessory when tied around the waist, so what’s not to love?

Plaid is also so awesome because it can be taken in so many directions. Some may perceive it to look farmer-esque, whereas others may think it falls under the hipster category. Regardless as to what class you think it falls under, we can all incorporate it into our wardrobe with our own unique twist.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking her flannel as she was on her way to brunch. Her look is casual and trendy and can be worn just about anywhere. The red, black and white in her top are perfect colors for someone who is trying to find a color palette that isn’t too feminine but is extremely flattering!

This Fashionista also added a nice touch to her look with her simple adornment. I don’t think an outfit is complete without a good piece of jewelry, and watches are my favorite arm candy out there. It’s such a classy, statement piece that everyone should own. I’m also a huge fan of this Fashionista’s classic white Converse and black The North Face puffer. She really does a fantastic job encompassing so many great pieces into one outfit!

How To: Have a cute T-shirt and distressed pair of jeans but feel like your outfit needs a little something extra? Add a cute flannel to your look to add a slight grunge and rocker appeal to your look!