There are certain things in fashion that just keep coming back. Timeless trends find their way into each season as others come and go. Lace is one of those. It can be sexy but innocent. It can be edgy but feminine. It can even be bold but subtle. Lace can be incorporated in each season, but even more so in sunny Florida, where layering for warmth is not so much of a problem.

This Fashionista went with a lace bralette and a beautiful blue lace tank over top. I love the differences in the lace on the bralette and top. Each one brings out the other, which makes the whole outfit compliment itself so beautifully. She also clearly knows how to accessorize, adding a classic watch and fun necklace to the look. Normally, I would say a necklace would take away from the lace detailing, but I think this one actually adds to it. I like how she kept things simple on bottom with classic black denim pants and black booties. They allow the top half of the look to shine like it should.

There is no doubt that lace is a hot trend right now for all ages. My advice would be to do exactly what this Fashionista did in combining two different types of lace detailing. Even better, layer them on top of each other. It keeps any look interesting and draws just the right amount of attention from onlookers everywhere. After all, it truly is all in the details!

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