As Alexander Wang has said himself, “I love layers!” A huge accessory trend that has come about this season is necklace layering. Whether you wear gold or silver or pendants or chokers, just about anything goes with this trend. However, what might be a struggle to keep up with this trend is the challenge of finding the right necklaces to layer with each other.

This Fashionista is sporting the perfect outfit for a day of walking around the city. She wore a white lace tank top underneath an adorable sleeveless kimono.  She paired these pieces with the perfect pair of destroyed jeans and tan sandals. Finally, she topped off her look with the perfect trio of layered necklaces. Layered necklaces do the perfect job of making an outfit look effortlessly trendy. She started her layering with a simple star. On the second layer, she wears a beautiful crescent moon. Finally on the last layer, she has a long turquoise pendant to finish off the look.

When picking out necklaces to layer, it’s important to stick to one color (silver or gold) like this Fashionista did. Once you’ve chosen what color you want to go with, then the tricky part comes: choosing the right lengths. If you order most of your wardrobe online like myself, it may be hard to tell if your necklaces will layer correctly. Something I always use is a necklace length diagram when purchasing jewelry online. This is a great thing to have handy if you’re a layering novice.

How To: Not sure where to start with necklace layering? You can purchase layered necklace sets from stores like Anthropologie and Etsy to get your layering obsession started!