ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lots of Layers

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lots of Layers

If you attend college in the Northeast, you were most likely buffeted by Winter Storm Juno last week. Columbia University was no different—an unimpressive and underwhelming five or six inches of snow was deposited on our campus. There was still enough, however, to have snowball fights, build snowmen and be confused about how to brave the icy sidewalks in style. Instead of bundling up in a thick jacket, you can layer pieces to create an equally warm—and much more stylish—outfit.

This Fashionista uses variations of black to create a bohemian, layered look. She begins with a fitted, black shirt with metallic, geometric patterns. The vertical detailing creates a streamlined, slimming effect. She layers two coats—a velvet, draped one and a felted peacoat. The contrasting of textures and structures of the two coats adds drama to the outfit. Layering two spring coats is not just an awesome way to show off the layering trend, it is also a clever way to use the coats in multiple seasons.

This Fashionista doesn’t stop using layering on her top half, she continues to use it throughout her entire outfit. Instead of opting to wear rain boots or riding boots, she chooses to wear low-heeled booties and chunky-knit thigh-high socks whose jewel tones of blue, violet and aquamarine add color to her look. Thigh-high socks are a staple for your fall and spring wardrobes because they’re very trendy at the moment, are a stylish alternative to tights and look great with almost every type of boot.

She completes her warm, layered look with wool leggings and a metal headband. The headband’s metallic tones of gold, silver and black connect with her shirt’s gold and silver geometric patterns. This Fashionista successfully gave a cool, bohemian take on the layering trend and created a stylish winter outfit.

How To: I love layering contrasting pieces together, so you can often find me in a fitted dress or a fitted top with an oversized sweater on top. Start your layers off simply—I believe that extravagant pieces should never be covered up or have to compete with other pieces. A jacket or a cardigan with a scarf and a top of different textures always looks cool. Try wearing thigh-high socks with boots for a layered look on your legs!