ALL IN THE DETAILS: Looking Fashionable in Fishnets?

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Looking Fashionable in Fishnets?

What many used to deem as “promiscuous looking” or even “trashy” is now exploding into one of 2017’s biggest trends: fishnet tights.

I even used to cringe at the sight of fishnets. I used to believe they were only for exotic dancers and wouldn’t even think of putting on a pair, unless it was Halloween or for some sort of costume. But now this trend is coming back in full force, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I almost see this now as a staple in a young woman’s wardrobe. Throw them on under an oversize hoodie with over the knee boots, and you are instantly going to look fashionable and on trend, all without sacrificing comfort! Pair them with any kind of statement skirt, possibly even leather, to really create an interesting outfit with varying types of texture. All which would please any Fashionista’s eye.

After spotting this Fashionista looking absolutely amazing wearing fishnets under her favorite light wash boyfriend jeans, burgundy faux fur bomber, and black booties, this is when I realized that this trend is here to stay. Throwing on a pair of fishnets under any article of clothing will give you an edge without you having to do much. They are the perfect accessory to bring life back to both new and recycled outfits.
It’s crazy to think that something that is literally named after a device used to catch fish could explode into a hot and new fashion trend. Whether you decide to purchase these in nude, black, or any other color of the rainbow, these are a simple, quick, and even affordable way to stay looking sexy and edgy.