ALL IN THE DETAILS: Look Your Best, In a Vest

The ‘90s grunge look is back! This means flannel shirts, band T-shirts, ripped jeans and beanies will be seen more and more during this spring. So what’s a good way to embrace this trend without buying a whole new wardrobe?

This Fashionista does a great job of bringing the grunge style into her daily look with her cute denim vest! This vest adds so much color and texture to her otherwise monochromatic look. Other than her vest this Fashionista wears a black mock neck sweater, a pair of black distressed jeans and Coach rain boots. She accessorizes with silver stud earrings and a cross-body bag.

Vests are a fun versatile accessory, and the right one will bring an outfit from basic, to trendy in a snap. This Fashionista’s denim vest adds a grungy edge to her simple all-black ensemble, but vests can create so many different kinds of looks. From a boho look with a long flowy vest, to a preppy look with a sweater vest, vests can transform any basic look quickly and easily. When choosing a new vest, make sure you select one that fits your body. Many vests have the potential to make you look boxy, so before bringing home that vest you love on the mannequin, don’t forget to try it on and make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your figure. This could mean going a size above or below your usual to get the perfect fit!

How To: A vest is such an easy way to make a statement. A great way to wear a vest is to keep the rest of your outfit simple, and use the vest as the focal piece of your outfit.