ALL IN THE DETAILS: Look Cool, Feel Good

Do you know the feeling of waking up and knowing it will be a good day? Well, to guarantee that your day will end up being a total success, you definitely have to dress to impress. By wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, reflects your personality and highlights your positive energies for the day, you will be ready to overcome any type of challenge that might try to ruin your perfect day.

Strolling around Boston, I met this Fashionista, who was having a perfect day. She explained how her look helped her maintain her good mood and vibes. Additionally, she described that her chosen outfit made her feel empowered. After hearing this from her, I definitely understood the connection between her positive mood and her leather attire. Had it ever occurred to you that using leather accessories was the key to an imposing look? This Fashionista’s black leather jacket made her pump up a simple city look to make herself feel confident and powerful. Black leather jackets have been in the fashion industry for quite a while, and they have always been used to make a statement. Even the most girlish girls look like rebels while wearing a leather jacket. These are great to keep you from the cold on a windy day during fall, while they are also excellent to transform a simple look into a fashion trend.

The Fashionista’s combat boots contributed to the boost in her self-esteem. These boots added a bit of spice and ice to her look by actually making her seem like a “badass.” Combat boots are always a great idea to make you feel in control. These are great for all types of weather since they are great in the sun with a short dress or shorts, just like this Fashionista, but they can also be pulled off using winter apparel. However, the Fashionista’s optimistic vibes were also enhanced by the fact that her feminine style was reflected through her accessories.

The Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses made her look stylish and kept her in a good mood by distracting her from that afternoon’s oppressive sunlight. Choosing the glasses’ colors is essential since choosing a color that suits your skin color and style can definitely make a great difference in the effect the bifocals have on your outfits and looks. Yet, the Fashionista’s necklace was a crucial part of her look to embellish her simple dress and expose her girly personality.

How To: Always remember to wear accessories that make you feel good and ready to face your day. Leather apparel will always help to make you look and feel strong by providing confidence. Leather jackets and combat boots are always a great idea to go with any type of look, including a casual dress like that of the Fashionista’s, jeans or anyting else. You have the power to make your day a great day!