ALL IN THE DETAILS: l'm Gonna Let It Shine

Manchester is England’s sixth largest city and even more famous for Manchester United than anything else. However, the downside of it is that there’s a lot of gray cloud coverage through the year with light rain that can be expected all year-round. Moreover, it is enough to mess up your hair, make you wear coats and think about wearing those rain shoes.

While the weather was terrible on the previous day when  l spotted this Fashionista on my way to university, it was surprisingly bright and sunny for January.The one thing that caught my eyes was this Fashionista wore  bright jewelry over a neckline top that gave her outfit a bold statement, making it stand out from her other accessories. Also, she topped it with a layered scarf  around her neck to keep her warm,  but not enough to hide that bold statement necklace, as its shines from every angle.  She finally accessorizes it with a silver watch to continue her low-key yet cute look. Her look is not complete without the most RAD item, which every girl owns—a leather jacket. It can either be dressed up or dressed down for a more everyday look, as well as keep you warm and just goes with anything, you can’t really go wrong.

How To: How about wearing it in a new way. As there’s a hidden twist in this outfit, it can be transformed into a more individual and simple look. To start it off, for creating an elegantly layered look, go for pieces which are not that bold and can be swapped for jewelry, like a simple small necklace. You can also pair off a watch with a black leather strap; finally, you can wrap your scarf in the strap of your handbag for a more sophisticated look. Whichever way you choice, just remember to let your imagination take over and you will find new attires to be made out of old and that’s what makes a true Fashionista!