ALL IN THE DETAILS: Little Gold Treasures

Even though it is still January, Tennessee has a tendency to whip out a beautiful, warm weekend. When the sun comes out, people all over campus bust out new styles and experiment more with their accessories. Fun jewelry, cute bags and stylish shoes are everywhere.

While most people passing by would notice the Fashionista’s bohemian tote, I was surprised by something a bit smaller. The necklace she paired with her outfit caught my eye, and when I looked closer, I could see that it was a pendant in the shape of a stack of books. Since I fall in love with almost every piece of jewelry I see, I gushed over her necklace. It’s small, but is something quite special when one looks closer. This is my favorite type of accessory, which is the one that is a signature piece that can be worn with everything and ends up becoming a part of the person wearing it. The gold material brings a bit of an antique feel to her overall look and tells a story of its own. This Fashionista uses her accessory to not only add some charm to her outfit, but to show who she is as well.

How To: Want your own signature necklace, but not sure what it should be? No problem. Some options are an initial necklace, a state necklace to show off where you live or something fun, like a small wishbone necklace. Wear it all the time and people will start to recognize it as your piece.