A newer trend taking over the fashion world is lipstick, whether it be pink, orange, red, marroon, purple or nude. The first step is to find your color. The world is full of different skin tones, and along with different tones comes different lipstick shades. Everyone has their color, the one that looks great on them no matter what outfit they have on or how they did their hair. The key to wearing lipstick is finding the right hue.

Lipstick can make or break an outfit. It can take it from boring to glam in one second, which is why it is easily my favorite accessory. It immediately makes the outfit classy and dressy. It gives any outfit that extra step. Once you find the shade that suits you best, you will start to find that outfits become based around what lipstick you are wearing. For instance, I am a huge MAC lipstick lover (if you couldn’t already tell), and my favorite shade is called Captive. This is a lipstick that I continuously find myself planning outfits around. I always seem to think, “This would look great with that lipstick”, or “Ooh, these earings will go great with my lipstick.” And all of a sudden, you become a lipstick fanatic and the MAC workers start to know you by name. Bottom line: if you are a girl in need of that extra ounce of sexy to add to any of your outfits, the answer is a red lip.

How To: The best part about this look is the simplicity of it all. I recommend going into a MAC makeup store and asking one of the workers for help. That is how I have done it every time and it works wonders. From what I’ve seen, they know what they’re talking about much more than I ever did. They also can put colors on you and you can decide in the store if you like a color or not. In order to rock a killer lipstick, you have to look and feel great in it. Add it to every outfit you own and you’re ready to get out on the town!