ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lime is Not a Crime!

January 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

So, technically it is winter right now in California. But let’s be real, a California winter is nothing compared to an East Coast winter where students are bundled beneath their Patagonia thermals and wrapped up in as many layers as a Chipotle burrito. So, how does one dress for a light California winter? The answer is simple, we don’t need heavy duty ski jackets or waterproof boots, but Californians need light, colorful and warm outerwear coats that is light, easy to carry and have on the go.

This Fashionista pulls off this trend effortlessly pairing her light winter coat with a color complimenting the handbag, an easy and sophisticated trend! Balancing the lime green with a black skirt and leggings was also an excellent choice of style from this Fashionista, doing so gives a sharp, crisp and classy look. Many treat winter as a colorless black, brown and grey season, but why should we take color away from our closets this time of year? Just because it might be chilly outside doesn’t mean we have to be boring. So, whether your winter weather is seven-degrees or 70-degrees, embrace this chilly season with color and style.

How To: Take a second look at your spring or summer wardrobe and look for a bold color piece! Use that piece as the focal point in your winter outfit and warm it up with some neutral tones and a knitted scarf, or some other warm winter accessories like a nice cup of Starbucks hot cocoa.