Spring feels closer than ever… finally! With birds chirping and snow gradually melting, Fashionstas all over campus are breaking out of their shell (coats) and debuting floral prints and shorter hemlines. If you are overeager about the warm weather and dying to wear your favorite dresses or skirts, here’s a simple trick that’s bound to keep you dressed appropriately: light layers. It’s the perfect technique for the season transition because you never know what each day will bring on the East Coast.

This Fashionsta was the first brave soul I spotted strutting her bare legs on campus. I just had to capture her fierceness, and of course, compliment her fabulous outfit. Her layers are a perfect example of how to dress during this spring-but-still-winter period. Her LBD is casual enough for the classroom, and the ruffled hem flows right into the seasonal change. The way she layered it with an open-front cardigan keeps the look daytime-functional while providing warmth. Here we see how layering allows you to rock the lighter apparel in your closet anytime of the year. That’s pretty rad.

Accessories are another layer you cannot leave home without. This Fashionista’s unique statement necklace is a perfect add-on to this go-with-the-flow style with its geometric shapes and bronze tone. Her tan, suede booties add a neutral color to the mix, keeping the look warm and fun.

How To: Gazing at your closet wishing you could show off your dress collection? Use the layering technique, and you can. Pair any dress with a cardigan on top, long or short, and you have mastered the art of smart style. Mix and match textures and colors to add your own flare, and if the cold weather still won’t quit, throw on a pair of tights. Your legs will thank you.