ALL IN THE DETAILS: Letterman Jacket Lovin'

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Letterman Jacket Lovin'

This week, we’re cueing up those nostalgic high school flashbacks. Walking the halls in my unflattering uniform and thin sweatshirt, I secretly longed for the warmth and style provided by letterman jackets during the winter months. Although I lettered in varsity soccer all four years of high school, I never had the guts to buy a letterman jacket because it was simply understood that only boys wore them. But who needs a football playing boyfriend to give you his varsity jacket when you can buy one for yourself in the women’s section nowadays?

Varsity jackets are a great layer to add some dimension to your collection of leather jackets, cozy cardigans and denim jackets. They can give any outfit that retro, sporty vibe and the pairing possibilities are abundant. This Fashionista opted for a striped shirt, high-waisted shorts, low boots and slightly ripped tights for an added vintage touch. Though not very prevalent these days, wearing tights under shorts is the perfect way to get use out of your shorts during the cooler months. By choosing a cross-body bag in a similar leather color as her shoes, this Fashionista tied together her outfit for one killer fashion statement.

Even if you don’t play sports, this trend can be for you! Forever 21 has apparently picked up on the budding potential of the varsity jacket trend, as their website currently offers seven different choices, each suited for different occasions. For relaxed days at home or in the library, the knit varsity jacket is ideal, but if you’re getting ready for a night out on the town, the faux leather option is my personal favorite.

These tomboyish jackets look best when paired with any kind of jeans. Whether they’re a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans or high-waisted burgundy shorts like this Fashionista’s, jeans are definitely the way to go because of this jacket’s casual vibe. If you’re feeling really sporty, pair your varsity jacket with a hat or beanie. Or, if you like to wear dresses, go for a simple shift dress and a pair of red Converse for a pop of color.

How To: Nail this Fashionista’s sporty chic look with a varsity jacket, a matching striped shirt, high-waisted shorts and tights. Find boots and a purse in the same color of leather and you’ve just landed an outfit with the perfect balance of style and comfort.