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As someone who was born and raised in the Midwest, you would think I would get used to winter. The biting winds; the taupe slush of old snow; the raw pink hands that fail to get warm even after 30 minutes indoors. But no—I never get used to it. I complain so much about being frigid, sport sweater under jacket under coat and double layer my socks like someone from Southern California transplanted for their first time in Fargo. I’ll admit it—winter often gets the best of me.

But the reality is that winter is only just beginning. Cold temperatures will remain for another two to three months. So instead of letting the winter win this year, I plan on taking charge and following in the footsteps of this Fashionista.

Her wrap scarf is cozy, oversized and the perfect fashionable weapon to combat winter’s harshest weapons. As someone who shies away from color, this Fashionista’s black wrap scarf has my name written all over it. The neutral color literally goes with everything. Whether it is a striped sweater, chambray top or even a casual knit dress, a black wrap scarf can complement any ensemble.

And when it comes to scarves this season, as with most things, bigger is better. From blankets to ponchos, scarves are getting supersized this winter. And why shouldn’t they? Besides being a fabulous accessory, they are functional and incredibly necessary as we find ourselves in the heart of winter weather.

So while, sure, we would love this winter to wrap up, combat the weather by wrapping yourself up instead in the must-have scarf silhouette of the season.

How To: The great thing about an oversized scarf is how versatile it can be. Wear it like a shawl or wrap it several times to create a textured, layered look.