ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Keep It Short

After spring break, it seems like the only thought on everyone’s mind is warm, sunny weather. When you finally come to your senses and realize that it’s only March, it can be a huge disappointment. Especially when you have to deal with the idea that you’ll have to jump back into wearing a coat and warmer clothes. Transitioning between seasons is the worst, since one day it can be sunny and 65, and the next it will be in the 30’s and pouring down rain. So what’s a girl to wear?

It wasn’t hard to spot this Fashionista in her printed shorts, and how perfectly she was dressed for this weather. Statement shorts are a great way to transition your winter blues to a sunnier state of mind. Pair them with thick, fleece lined tights, and they can keep you warm without making you appear to be too bundled up. They’re chic, yet understated. When styling a pair of statement shorts, its best to keep the rest of the outfit neutral, or even monochromatic. I love how this Fashionista used the black from the print as the base of her ensemble, tucking in her basic black tee to look polished.

This Fashionista followed one of her personal style rules when picking out her accessories; keep it short and simple. By “keeping it short,” she decided to top off her outfit with a cropped denim hoodie jacket to add a little edge and dimension to her dark ensemble, which also shows off the high-waist in the shorts. To keep it simple, this Fashionista decided to keep her jewelry minimal by wearing her favorite silver moon pendant. Delicate jewelry with a bold pattern proves to be a little too much for such a clustered print, so a small necklace is the perfect choice to balance out the outfit. The finishing touch is a pair of black military boots. It’s still wintry outside, so why not style your favorite pair once last time?

How To: Let’s fast forward a few months and it’s starting to become warm. You love your favorite pair of statement shorts, but you don’t know how to style them. Forgo the leggings, and pair them with an edgy pair of black sandals. Keep it basic on the top, and tuck in a drapey black V-neck cami. Voila! The perfect edgy and dark summer ensemble.