ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let Your Jacket Do the Talking

As January is ending and February is looking to be just as cold, it’s getting harder and harder for Fashionista’s to look cool in the cold as they bundle up for the long trek to class. I’ve seen a myriad of long dark peacoats across campus, which are always stylish, but overwhelmingly common. 15,000 girls go to my school and I would bet my Dr. Martens that at least 65 percent keep a dark peacoat on hand.

That was why I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw this Fashionista heading to class in a very original, multicolored, tribal print coat. She stuck out to me because she was still dressed warmly in a cute knit sweater and matching knit hat, instead of paying the price for looking incredibly stylish by shivering in the cold.

I loved how she wore such a fun and trendy coat to liven up her look and the dreary weather around campus. This is a trend every Fashionista should consider trying! Check out this eerily similar coat, or go even more bold in a deep orange coat. Check out these other killer printed coats here and here!

How To: Just bought a bold new coat and have no idea how to make it work? Let the coat do the talking! Wear simplistic clothing pieces underneath your jacket, in color and style. Neon colors or a busily styled top will be too loud and can easily clash with your coat. Throw on a cute hat to keep yourself warm and offset the loud print of the jacket. Throw on some jewelry if it’s your style, but nothing over the top. Keep your look simple and clean and show off your new coat!