ALL IN THE DETAILS: Less is More, More or Less

It’s finally summertime, and it seems like the weather has done a complete 180. Not only do we have sunshine again, we now have intense heat. Since the weather finally permits I’ve seen so many people take advantage of solid colors and simple outfits accented with lace or crochet detail. This weather is a nice change, but it can be hard to fight off the sluggish feelings that come with it. Vitamin D induced coma is inevitable, and I seriously commend those who fight through it to look cute whether it’s finals week or not.

One of the easiest ways to make yourself look put together is to choose one article of clothing in your outfit that has some kind of subtle detail. This can be found in the form of a top with a scalloped edge, an interesting neckline or a lace overlay. When used correctly these things can prove to be a busy girl’s lifesaver; especially during the last few weeks of school when life becomes extra stressful.

Check out how this Fashionista used this rule when putting her outfit together. She chose a simple pair of army green shorts and black sandals with metallic lining. She combined them with a top that has a unique neckline and small crochet detail at the hem. This outfit proves to be practical in this warmer weather as well as being cohesive and cute.

How To: Not sure if the detail in your article of choice will be too much? Make sure the color palette of your entire ensemble is fairly simple. Solid colors work best to ensure the perfect amount of eye-catching components.