As spring approaches, weather can be unpredictable. The forecast for each week is scattered between a 40 degree cloudy day and a 65 degree sunny day. I can guarantee that each and every Fashionista/o will be vigorously searching through their winter clothes looking for an outfit that will fit the drastically changing temperatures.

As I was walking on my way back from class on one of those mood-boosting sunny and warm days, strolling slow enough so that I wouldn’t sweat through my gray sweater I got for Christmas, I spotted a spring fashion dream come true. Not only did her attire look stylish, but it also had just enough detail to make herself look put together (and she wasn’t even breaking a sweat).

Starting from the top, the sunglasses are an amazing addition to any outfit on sunny days in the spring. For this particular look, I adore the slightly translucent lens, as this small detail is all the rage these days. This Fashionista then chose to layer a few necklaces of varying lengths which is something small that anyone can do to effortlessly make the look more intricate.

Next, the dress was to die for. Not only would it be a good item for winter to wear as a tunic with ripped jeans, but this crushed velvet dress was a home run for spring time because it was a cool alternative (unlike my sweater) that didn’t appear to be too summery.

Finally, the Fashionista completed her outfit with all black, high-top sneakers. These shoes added the perfect amount of edge to the look while making it possible to walk to class comfortably.

Whether walking to class or going to a casual party or hang out, this outfit will give people something to look at (in a good way) and keep you looking calm, cool, and collected.