Have you ever heard the phrase, “less is more”? I think it’s a good phrase, especially for the summer time when choosing your summer outfit accessories requires putting away those big chunky sweaters in order to maintain coolness. So, maybe stick with the basics. If you wear eye glasses everyday, well that would be your first accessory. Maybe throw in a simple watch too, you can never go wrong with a watch. Summer is hot and humid, you definitely don’t want those big bulky accessories weighing that summer look down. Try to find those simple yet powerful statement accessories that tie an outfit together. After all, is an outfit without accessories really an outfit at all?

This Fashionista paired her printed harem pants with a lace white tank top and high wedges for a warm summer day. She dressed the look up by adding a watch to her outfit and she wore her everyday accessory: her glasses. This simple accessorized look truly gives off that summer vibe. Accessories are such an easy addition to an outfit, there is really no excuse for going without them. Whether it’s your favorite watch, or a simple pair of earrings, always accessorize your outfit.

How To: Still unsure what qualifies as simple? Stick to the rule of threes. One necklace, a pair of earrings and maybe one bracelet. Or mix the combination up; maybe you have three bracelets and no other accessories. Remember less is more! However you choose to rock those summer accessories wear them with confidence and a smile, everyone knows a smile is the best accessory you can have.