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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leopard, Navy, and White

March 9th, 2017 at 2:05am

Getting to visit New York several times in the past two months, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see New York City’s amazing street style. I notice that people in New York mainly prefer wearing black and dark-colored outfits. I enjoyed my time learning new things and checking out fascinating fashion exhibitions at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I also have met and talked to a few students on campus. However, this Fashionista’s outfit caught my attention with all the details in her look.

It is obviously a very dark outfit from head to toe, which is very “New York” by the way! What caught my attention was how she manages to put on small pieces here and there in order to pop off her whole dark-colored outfit. This Fashionista wears a long cotton sweater dress in rose beige color. Then, she covers herself up by a long navy coat hopefully to beat that harsh New York weather in early February. Her thick scarf and velvet cap in navy help too! I love that she manages to keep her entire outfit in one color and then pops the look off by adding a pair of white sneakers. Hence, her white Adidas becomes one of the statement pieces of this look. The Adidas logos behind the shoes are also designed in navy which put the whole look together. From there, this Fashionista amazed me even more by putting on her leopard patterned socks which are little details but really draw people’s attention to her chic and cute outfit. The second statement piece of this outfit is her multi-colored backpack that she got from Rebecca Minkoff. It gives a very interesting touch to the entire outfit which makes it impossible to stop admiring her stylish appearance.

From this Fashionista’s look, I learned that if I pay enough attention to little details, I can pull off a supposedly simple and plain outfit. Be brave to challenge yourself and experience little items in your closet, you will be surprised of how significantly you could freshen up some of your old and boring looks. These tips not only draw people’s attention to your outfit, but also let them see how creative you are!